Civilization for health protection

Project title:  Civilization for health protection. – Promoting the co-operation of Hungarian-Slovak non-governmental health organisations

Project date:  9-10. May 2013.

The professional program of the conference series:

  • joint tender opportunities;
  • volunteering;
  • variety of promotional opportunities;
  • exploiting synergies in joint collaboration.


The event opened the door to exchange of expertise, joint group work, and practical cooperation initiative, develop personal and work relationships, which provided a well-founded base for the future development of joint activities.

On the event we opened the door to holding exhibitions or introductory presentations.

Primarily representatives of local governments and NGOs were expected.

Presentations were held on the following themes:

Opening – Balázs Lestyán, Health Councillor, Hatvan

Introduction of non-governmental health organisations participating on the event (max.5-5 min)

Foreign experiences – Zsuzsanna Bálint, Life and Value Association, volunteer

Connection between mental and body illness –        Roland Dulai, Blessed Mother Teresa Parish, vicar

The role of companies in the life of medical NGOs- Dániel Dürgő, Quality of life Ltd., operation director

Improving the cooperation of patient with different methods – Dr. Melinda Nyírő, Science and Health Charitable Foundation-, Chair of the Board

Change in attitude of patients –        Dr. Andrea Csépe, Budapest Colleague of Communication and Business, PhD college associate professor

The practical side of free public health screening – Ágnes Hargitai, EcoCenter Charitable Foundation, Project coordinator


The roles and tasks of Maltese Charity Service – Zsolt Tóth, Maltese Charity Service, group leader

Tender opportunities of Visegrád Fund – Mihály András Beke, Hungarian representative of Visegrád Fund

Health screening in practice. Screening the participants of the conference. – Márta Nagy, EcoCenter Charitable Foundation

Conference summary and closing