Civilization for protection of the culture and tradition

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Project title:  Civilization for the protection of culture – promoting the co-operation of Hungarian-Slovak traditional and cultural non-governmental organisations

Project date:  23-24. May 2013.

The professional program of the conference series:

  • joint tender opportunities;
  • volunteering;
  • variety of promotional opportunities;
  • exploiting synergies in joint collaboration.


The event opened the door to exchange of expertise, joint group work, and practical cooperation initiative, develop personal and work relationships, which provided a well-founded base for the future development of joint activities.

On the event we opened the door to holding exhibitions or introductory presentations.

Primarily representatives of local governments and NGOs were expected.

Presentations were held on the following themes:

Opening, introduction of the project and partners– Mgr. Miroslava Žilková

Structure and organisation of the traditional folk culture in Slovakia– PhDr. Igor Pašmík

Preservation of culture and traditions in Nógrád County  –Ing. Ján Boroš

Supporting the culture and traditions in Javor sub region  – Ing. Ján Sivok, PhD.

Using traditions for development of Murányi plateau (Muráňska planina) and Black-Garam (Čierny Hron) regions – PhDr. Igor Pašmík

Preservation and support of culture and traditions of Kokova sub region (Kokavsko)– Mgr. Pavol Kalmár

Living traditions in Alsó Polyána (Podpoľanie)- Ing. Eva Krnáčová.

Preservation and support of culture and traditions in Rimakokova (Kokava nad Rimavicou) village– Mgr. Pavol Kalmár

Supporting the culture and traditions in Lučenec  – Ing. Ján Boroš

Preservation and reproducing the culture and traditions in Feketebalog (Čierny Balog)– Monika Benková

Improvement of traditions in Szebelléb (Sebechleby) – Szentmihály-puszta (Stará Hora) and protection of traditional wine culture – Martin Schvarc

Ark of Regional tastes– Renewal of traditional gastronomy and local products–  PhDr. Igor Pašmík

Traditional folk culture as part of the modern world– Monika Benková

Workshop: Organisation network – development of cooperation for further project implementations.

Conference closing